Welcome to my GIMP Script-Fu/Perl-Fu/Python-Fu/Ruby-Fu script repository - one of the oldest interesting pages on my homepage, yet also somehow currently one of the least interesting pages. If you think the title graphic looks a little bit dated, welcome to the club! Once upon a time, I wrote some scripts for the GIMP. Unfortunately, my interest on developing scripts sort of waned. I remain a quite enthusiastic user of the program, however!

This page has some of the scripts that produce various effects with GIMP. Script-Fu is GIMP’s automation facility that makes it pretty easy to automate complex operations, though the downside is that it’s based on Scheme, which may be vaguely obscure to many programmers. Perl-Fu, Python-Fu and Ruby-Fu use Perl, Python and Ruby respectively, and these languages might be more familiar to many programmers these days, but these facilities may also require separate GIMP extension installations (for example, some versions of GIMP for Windows/MacOSX ship with Python-Fu, some don’t). (Just to give a hint of what kind of problems this presents: as of writing this paragraph, I wasn’t even aware that Ruby-Fu actually existed nowadays. =)

The new and old scripts are available through  the Git repository.

Scripts that work with the current version of GIMP (2.x)


(Download) Adds a Light Bloom effect to the image, simulating overexposing brighter areas of the image and bleeding the light to he darker areas. Uses Script-Fu so it only requires stock GIMP. (GitHub also has Perl-Fu and Python-Fu versions of this script)

Ancient scripts (GIMP 1.x)

These scripts haven’t yet been ported to GIMP 2.x, though I hope at least some of them will be. These are available through the GitHub repository, mostly for historical research purposes, though that’s also where the new scripts live.

  • Rough Text: Produces text that looks a bit like it was written on an old dirty typewriter, with completely random inksplatter as opposed to regular irregularities you usually see in “typewriter fonts”. (I kind of like this.) Based on an old GIMP 0.5x tutorial by Zach “Xach” Beane.
  • Granite Button: My first attempt at making anything kewl. Do not want.
  • Granite Slab: Same shit, another day.
  • Fiery Steel: Makes Terminator-esque “steel letters in hellfire” effect. (Might be worth porting over?)
  • Wood Letters: I don’t even remember what this did. I assume wooden letters?
  • Book Burn: Burninates an image in some manner I can’t remember. (GIMP contest entry, April 1999)

Script samples